Mixer de áudio para jogos FIFINE mixer RGB de 4 canais com interface de microfone XLR, para voz de jogo, podcast, AmpliGame SC3

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    XLR Microphone Interface

    The mixer supports XLR microphone inputs, which can help improve the audio quality of the microphone. Built-in 48V phantom power provides more options for microphones. Directly use it with your condenser microphone, no extra power required.

    All-In-One Function

    With the basic usage functions, including mute button, volume adjustment and real-time monitoring, the podcast mixer gives you an quick attention on using the mixer inter to solve the problem of audio adjustment.

    Entertainment Uses

    Brilliant cool RGB lighting promotes gaming atmosphere when in live gaming or game voice. Voice change, customized sound button, or electronic button add up interaction between you and your audience during live entertainment streaming, making your recording process to a whole new level of fun.

    Easy and Use

    The back of the gaming audio interface is set up multiple audio port. You set up dual PCs for live streaming or plug in different audio devices for audio mixing. Multiple selections meet your needs in different scenarios.


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